Fashion & Textiles students explore 3D Printing

A group of fashion and textiles students have combined the latest 3D scanning technology with traditional dressmaking in a project which involved upcycling second hand garments to create a new piece of clothing.

The students were taking part in the second semester ‘Shirt Project’, which tasked them with deconstructing two shirts and reconstructing them into one wearable garment.

As part of an exhibition of their work, the students took a trip to RGU’s Make Aberdeen in the city centre, where they used the latest 3D scanning software to upload their designs which were then 3D printed – providing the students with mini replicas of their work.

Elaine Gowans, Lecturer in Fashion Textiles, said: “The aim of the project was to challenge the students’ creative capabilities when working within boundaries and limited resources.

“We decided to give the students the chance to combine the very traditional methods of dressmaking with the latest technology and it has worked extremely well.

“With the help from the team at MAKE, the students quickly got to grips with the technology and will now have wonderful, portable versions of their designs – which brings a whole new element to the process.”

Campbell McVinnie, one of the students taking part, added: “For this project we were to combine two shirts together to make a new garment, using traditional methods of sewing techniques such as pleats & gathers, and applying a theme to our traditional method of research.

“The exciting technological opportunities that MAKE enable us to take advantage of has been very valuable to our learning process. Scanning and producing 3D models of our garments was the first experience we have had with 3D printing technology.

“The results illustrate the revolutionary qualities in which this type of technological advancement brings to design. Learning new techniques such as this is always helpful for development with the design process and I look forward to using this new method of work in the future.”

The ‘Shirt Project’ exhibition will be on display at Gray’s School of Art from March 27 – April 14.

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