Making, is important, really important.

Making things is a way of thinking in physical objects, you learn about materials and what they can do. You respond to the possibilities that a material or process present, and through doing, change what you perceive is possible. For people within the art school environment, making is second nature. The ability of a student to walk into any of our workshop spaces and work in a new material is incredibly empowering to an artist or designer.

But what about everyone else? Or when a student graduates and leaves the nest that is Gray’s? Places like MAKE on Belmont street answer that question.

MAKE is a makers space where anyone can become a member and access some of the highend workshop facilities enjoyed by enrolled students at Gray’s. People working in MAKE also have the multi-skilled staff to help guide and tutor them on all the processes available and to help facilitate their projects.

Primarily offering digital production and rapid prototyping tools, the facilities available include but are not limited to;

  • 3D Printing (including full colour)
  • Laser Cutting
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Digital Embroidery
  • Direct to Media Printing
  • Design Software

The studio operates on a membership basis, with members having full access to all the facilities. Advice however is freely given and members of the public are encouraged to visit and to explore the possibilities MAKE has on offer. Membership can be for individual or business, so sole traders through to larger organizations can still access the processes at make at a competitive price.

User of the studio normally find that as they explore the processes on offer, their ambition for their projects grows as they see what is possible. This is ultimately what maker spaces and MAKE are all about, to inspire people to make more better.

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