Workshops – Printmaking

If a building could have a room that was a workhorse, then the workshops in an art school would be that horse. Gray’s is no exception to this, and one of the primary workshops for both Contemporary Art Practice and Communication Design are the printmaking workshops.

IMG_0415 copy

Printmaking is the art of making reproducable artworks using traditional analogue printing techniques. The processes on offer in our print worshops cover the full gamut of print processes, including but not limited to, screenprint, litho and lino cut for example. Are highly skileld staff have practical experience in all aspects of processes involved.

IMG_0449 copy

Hands on learning is a crucial element for all art and design students, the practical making skills, be they traditional analogue or more modern digital processes present unique learning opertunities. The learning through doing, both expands the possibilities for what a student can produce but will also inform how future projects can be structured.

IMG_0417 copy

IMG_0426 copy

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