Insectopedia & Remake Balenciaga

Stage 2 Fashion and Textiles students are currently exhibiting work from two exciting projects, Insectopedia and Remake Balenciaga.

Taking inspiration from the insect world and drawing from research material gathered at the Aberdeen University Zoology department. The works on show vary hugely and showcase the second year students efforts at what is still an early point in their studies.

The project had a focus on the design and manufacture of a creative and conceptual garment, exploring the concept of insect life and challenging silhouette, shape, and scale.

The second year fashion and textile students attended a lecture by Dr John Baird an Entomologist on the life cycle of insects at Aberdeen University. Donning white lab coats to draw insects whilst looking through microscopes, they watched mosquitos been fed on fresh human blood in his laboratory.

In this exhibition of works in progress, one can see how the fashion students have progressed and developed their ideas from their initial insect drawings. Creating constructions made from willow and fashion drawings through to the making of toiles. This culminated in the final creative and conceptual garment that retains elements from their insect research.

It is intended that some of the outcomes from this project will be presented as part of National Science Week in March 2018.



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