‘Boobs On Show’ Exhibition


The RGU Uni Boob Team’s creative collective Miiilk It is proud to announce ‘Boobs On Show’, an exhibition in aid of CoppaFeel! Based in the CAP3 Exhibition Space at Grays School of Art, the show will run to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and to encourage people to get into the regular habit of checking.

The Uni Boob Team shouts the art of boob-loving loud and proud, as CoppaFeel! is the only breast cancer charity in the UK aimed purely at educating young people about the importance of being breast aware. Our mission is to:

1. encourage you to check your boobs regularly
2. educate you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer
3. empower you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist

Including the work of several second year contemporary art students, ‘Boobs On Show’ will showcase pieces from the exploration and development of themes within their practice over the last few months.

An exclusive collaborative zine will be available to purchase at the show, featuring boob themed works from the artists, with proceeds going to CoppaFeel! In addition to this, Miiilk It will be selling handmade products to spread the boob-love, such as jewellery, notebooks and tote bags.

***cannot guarantee that actual boobs will be on show***

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